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Mapping Structural Variations to Base Pair Resolution

Author: Spiral ⋅ Categories: Industry Trends, News from Spiral, Technology and Tools ⋅ Modified on: Jul. 15, 2014
Specificity is Important:   Anchored Assembly assembles and maps structural variation (SV) breakpoints to base pair resolution.  Finding the precise location of SVs at single-nucleotide breakpoint resolution is an important problem.  Single-nucleotide resolution is required for accurate classific... Read More »

Sequencing Trends: Long Read Technologies and Continued Platform Fragmentation

Author: Spiral ⋅ Categories: Industry Trends ⋅ Modified on: Jul. 2, 2014
Pacific Biosciences: A year ago, if you asked most researchers what they thought about PacBio, most people would have said that the technology was too expensive, too error prone, and too much trouble to make it worth their time. This year, in 2014, that opinion has shifted dramatically. PacBio has m... Read More »

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