The BioGraph™ Engine is a novel way of detecting, storing, and comparing genetic variations within whole human genome datasets. BioGraph was designed to combine datasets across populations to make novel discoveries that are not possible today with existing tools.

BioGraph compresses and rapidly indexes the raw data (FASTQ or BAM files) produced by a sequencer, converting it into a highly efficient graph structure making it possible to quickly query. Additionally, this novel representation allows researchers to detect structural variations critical to the analysis of non-European populations.

How is BioGraph Different?

BioGraph takes a fundamentally new approach, focusing on representing the raw reads while making as few assumptions as possible. Most file formats index data for query by reference position; the BioGraph Format indexes the reads by sequence. With this new representation, the data are uniform, making queries extremely fast. This eliminates the need to trade off between storage footprint, compute costs, and quality of analysis. 

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