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Announcing New Validation Results and Publication from Baylor HGSC

Author: Spiral ⋅ Modified on: Apr. 17, 2015
 Baylor Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) recently published the article, “Assessing structural variation in a personal genome – towards a human reference diploid genome,” which evaluated a number of sequencing and bioinformatics methods to be able to accurately detect structural variant... Read More »

Announcing New Validation Results and SpEC (Spiral Encrypted Compression)

Author: Spiral ⋅ Modified on: Mar. 5, 2015
We recently published a press release on our latest validation results for Anchored Assembly and unveiled SpEC. Check out the excerpts from the press release below or you can jump straight to the latest validation and SpEC documentation. Anchored Assembly Anchored Assembly showed strong validatio... Read More »

Where’s the truth? Thoughts from the GIAB Conference

Author: Spiral ⋅ Categories: Industry Trends, News from Spiral ⋅ Modified on: Sep. 9, 2014
Sitting in the auditorium at NIST, fortified by my 75-cent tea from their café, and waiting for the GIAB conference to start, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the clock on the wall was linked to the atomic clock.  Before accurate, portable, timekeepers, how did people arrange meetings?  The b... Read More »
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