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Trends and Challenges for 2014

Author: Spiral ⋅ Categories: Industry Trends, News from Spiral ⋅ Modified on: Jun. 17, 2014
At our core, we are a team of scientists and data geeks.  A lot of people write about trends for 2014 in January.  Our question is:  how could you do that without gathering data in 2014? As the first half of 2014 comes to a close, we’ve collected data points from various conferences, publicatio... Read More »

Introducing the Spiral Genetics blog

Author: Spiral Genetics ⋅ Categories: News from Spiral ⋅ Modified on: Jun. 1, 2014
We’ve just redesigned our website, and along with the new site we’re launching a Spiral Genetics blog.  We hope that this blog will promote thoughtful discussion on the state of the art in analysis of NGS data and implications for scientific and clinical research, and for society at large.  Le... Read More »
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