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Where’s the truth? Thoughts from the GIAB Conference

Author: Spiral ⋅ Categories: Industry Trends, News from Spiral ⋅ Modified on: Sep. 9, 2014
Sitting in the auditorium at NIST, fortified by my 75-cent tea from their café, and waiting for the GIAB conference to start, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the clock on the wall was linked to the atomic clock.  Before accurate, portable, timekeepers, how did people arrange meetings?  The b... Read More »

Are even-sized indels preferred?

Author: Spiral ⋅ Categories: Interesting Factoids, News from Spiral ⋅ Modified on: Aug. 11, 2014
One of the fun benefits of working at Spiral Genetics is unexpectedly coming across interesting biological phenomena while doing routine work.  For example, when we were running the first tests of Anchored Assembly on human data, specifically, the much studied NA12878 genome from the 1000 Genomes P... Read More »

Mapping Structural Variations to Base Pair Resolution

Author: Spiral ⋅ Categories: Industry Trends, News from Spiral, Technology and Tools ⋅ Modified on: Jul. 15, 2014
Specificity is Important:   Anchored Assembly assembles and maps structural variation (SV) breakpoints to base pair resolution.  Finding the precise location of SVs at single-nucleotide breakpoint resolution is an important problem.  Single-nucleotide resolution is required for accurate classific... Read More »
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