“To make sense of a single patient’s genome, you need to put it in the context of many people’s genomes.”

-Daniel MacArthur

Spiral Genetics makes software to compare large populations of whole human genomes — ultimately, comparing genomes at scale will power novel discoveries that lead to new diagnostics and drug discovery. We work with governments, pharmaceutical companies, and large academic research institutions that want to compare and mine large whole genome datasets.

Spiral Genetics’ BioGraph™ Engine facilitates the next level of genomic analysis, from large scale population level analysis, to structural variant calling, to a platform for machine learning.

Population Graph Genomes

Capture the variation in each individual and across an entire population.

Machine Learning Optimized

Start with data represented in a uniform way, to power your machine learning study.

Structural Variations

BioGraph finds accurate sequences within structural variations allowing you to dramatically reduce the time for analysis.

Data Harmonization - The N+1 Problem

It is easy to add new individuals without committing to specific reference genomes or variant callers.