A Novel Approach

Anchored Assembly is a novel analysis pipeline that accurately detects and maps variations that are often missed by standard analysis algorithms. Anchored Assembly uses direct de novo read overlap assembly to accurately detect and characterize SNPs, indels, and SVs.  The pipeline uses existing Illumina™ HiSeq™ data and does not require additional library preparation.  The algorithm is optimized for projects with at least 20x coverage per chromosome set (i.e. 40x for diploid).

Anchored Assembly

Comprehensive, One-Step Variant Detection

Using multiple tools to detect different types of variation increases the noise in your results.  Anchored Assembly can detect everything from SNPs to very large indels and structural variations with a low false positive rate of 1 out of 2600 SNPs and 1 out of 114 structural variations up to 65 kbp.

Discover the missing variants in your data

Anchored Assembly can detect over 95% of large structural variations, including insertions, deletions, translocations and repeats up to 65 kbp. Our latest results show that we can detect 50,000+ basepair long insertions and deletions from standard Illumina 100 basepair long reads.

Reduce Reference Bias

Anchored Assembly makes limited use of reference genome information, significantly reducing reference bias. This algorithm can be used to identify variations even when the species does not have a well-characterized genome.   In addition, Anchored Assembly can significantly reduce the amount of time and resources needed to construct draft reference genomes.