Download copies of User Guides, Data Sheets, and Posters that we have presented.

User DocumentS

Download the user guides and quick start guides that will help you get the most out of using Spiral Genetics' products.

Data Sheets & White Papers

Download data sheets and white papers that explain the technology behind Spiral Genetics' products and their benefits.

PosterS & Presentations

Download posters about Spiral's technology presented at scientific and technical conferences.

User Documentation


BioGraph V4 User Guide

BioGraph V4 is accessed via a DNAnexus app. High-level documentation is provided within the app. This User Guide provides detailed information on BioGraph, its commands, and their advanced options. The current version of the software is v4.0.5, released April 2019.

BioGraph V4 QuickStart

Getting started with v4 of BioGraph and the BGTools utilities.  The current version of the software is v4.0.5, released April 2019.

ReQuirements for Installing and Using BioGraph

Lists the memory, storage, and operating system requirements for using BioGraph Technology.

SpEC User Instructions

Describes how to install and run SpEC (Spiral Encrypted Compression) Version 1.3.1.


Data Sheets and White Papers


BioGraph Sequencing Analysis Engine White Paper
A Detailed Explanation

This White Paper describes current challenges to the promise of high-throughput sequencing and population scale cohort analysis, and shows how the Spiral Sequencing Analysis Engine and BioGraph address these issues to enable accurate characterization of structural variation and analyses on large cohorts using minimal compute and minimal human resources.

Posters and Presentations

Poster at ASHG 2019

Poster on using BioGraph to produce a graph genome of the Arab population with base pair accurate structural variation for population genotyping. Presented by Spiral Genetics at the ASHG Conference in October 2019.

Poster at AGBT 2016

Poster on the BioGraph format, presented by Spiral Genetics at AGBT in 2016.  Note that the data points have since been updated to reflect improvements in the BioGraph technology.

Presentation at HUGO 2016

Presentation made together with Baylor's Human Genome Sequencing Center at the HUGO meeting in Houston 2016.

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