Rapid science with NGS bioinformatics tools

that are accurate, scalable, and flexible
Anchored Assembly:
Detect SNPs, indels and structural variants
with high accuracy and resolution

Lossless compression that saves

up to 50% of BAM file storage


Directly compare tens of thousands of genomes.

BioGraph retains all of the sequence data for every sample and uses the redundancy and relation between samples to reduce the overall size of the joint dataset and allows for rapid comparison at scale.

Get the full picture.

Collaboration simplified.

No matter which analysis pipeline was originally used to analyze data , BioGraph will harmonize it for uniform analysis.  Force calling allows you to take variant calls generated from multiple variant callers and check for evidence of those calls in any of your samples and against the reference that is most convenient for your study.

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Be confident in your variant calls.

The BioGraph Format retains all read information, including phasing information. This includes all read data indicating structural variants. If there is evidence of a particular variant in the read data, you can identify it in a fraction of a second.

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Add new samples and ask specific questions with ease.

When conducting large studies, samples come in over time.  Adding these new samples to the set can require significant reanalysis.  With BioGraph, the raw read data can be searched at the rate of over 100,000 queries a second. Using the API, you can design queries to answer nearly any specific question.

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